Weld hearing lost in spaceOne small step for Helms,One...


September 23, 1997

Weld hearing lost in space

One small step for Helms,

One backward step for democracy.

Frank J. Verde


To save lives, lower blood alcohol limit

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse, for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, reports that the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit in Sweden is 0.02.

In most U.S. states the BAC is 0.10, the equivalent of five drinks, with possible effects of clumsiness and delayed reactions making even normal traffic conditions dangerous.

Attention, lawmakers! Here's a good opportunity to save lives simply by lowering the BAC.

Alvin Book


Thanks to Ideal from Sen. McFadden

I deeply appreciated reading your article on the Ideal Federal Savings Bank, a financial institution dedicated to serving the underserved in our community.

Ideal Federal was there for me and my family when other major financial institutions, except Harbor Bank of Baltimore, turned us down for a home mortgage.

Despite my record of public service, City Council, state Senate, various city and state boards and commissions, the stains on my credit history prevented the major institutions from doing business with me. You know the old saying ''mirror, mirror on the wall . . . but, you are still a . . . !''

What is so troubling about this dichotomy in the way various individuals are treated by major financial institutions is that I have witnessed people of the other race receiving full financial assistance after they have been incarcerated, declared major bankruptcy or defaulted on loans.

Sadly, these practices continue in our city; hence, the creation of the Collective Banking Initiative under the dynamic leadership of Rev. Vashti McKenzie.

Feel very good, Yvonne Lansey, because you and Ideal Federal have helped thousands of people like me.

Nathaniel J. McFadden


The writer is a state senator and chairman of the Baltimore City delegation in the General Assembly.

Pop music doesn't belong in worship

Since reading the letter from Haven E. and Sarah P. Simmons (Sept. 16), I see that I am not alone in saying that Westminster Abbey was not the proper place for Elton John's music. I have always felt that pop music does not show the proper respect in a place of worship.

Nancy Ely Conrad


Are nutrients guilty until proven innocent?

I could hardly believe what I was reading in The Sun's article ''Farm runoff furor started'' on Sept. 13. Del. Leon G. Billings is quoted: ''The burden is not on the government, the burden is not on the scientists to demonstrate that nutrients are causing the problem.''

What an incredibly stupid statement! It defies logic, common sense, and fair play.

Have we really reached the point where government can accuse and then consider the accused guilty unless the accused can prove his/her innocence? I hope not.

To make matters worse, to satisfy Mr. Billings, one would have to prove a negative, i.e., prove that ''overloading'' is not causing the problem.

As Mr. Billings should know (or perhaps he does), it is not possible to prove a negative.

Why is it that zealots so often resort to extreme and even irrational schemes to achieve their aims? The issue about toxic micro-organisms and their effect on humans and wildlife is a serious one. It should be dealt with using valid, scientific methods and programs, not with emotion and illogical diatribes.

John Rudisill


The Sun's article ''Microbe vs. chicken little'' Sept. 17) quotes an Eastern Shore chicken farmer as saying, ''The farmers' first concern is for the land.'' Exactly! Waterways will forever be secondary to them. Get agribusiness off our dying shore!

D. Birch


Pub Date: 9/23/97

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