Joe Strauss' O's week in review

September 21, 1997|By JOE STRAUSS

Statistics through Thursday

Ups and downs

Jimmy Key -- UP -- Showed he can win at home again.

Eric Davis -- UP -- Monday's return to right field was compelling stuff. But to be a part of October, he must perform now.

Camden Yards edge -- DOWN -- The Orioles began the weekend 6-10 at home since Aug. 25.

The bullpen -- EVEN -- Right now it could go either way. Armando Benitez, Randy Myers and Jesse Orosco are well-rested. Everyone else? It hurts to ask.

The schedule -- DOWN -- Consecutive day-night doubleheaders in September? What is this, a softball tournament?

Davey Johnson -- UP -- The biggest winner in the Ripken flap. The issue was raised without the manager even moving his lips.

Autograph policy -- UP-- Last week's silliness - clearing fans from the rail and dugout areas well before game time - disappeared quickly. The common folk may approach again.

Quote of the week

"That was the best rehabilitation that I ever could have had. It was more than a massage. It was more than ice. It was more than surgery. It was an emotional lift to my heart that made it gratifying."

Eric Davis, on Monday afternoon's emotional return to right field, his first sighting there since May 7 and his first appearance in the lineup since cancer surgery June 13.

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