The other ports

September 21, 1997

Southampton, England

Population: 796,864

Official language: English

Government: Constitutional monarchy

Weather: Marine West Coast, average temperature range 30 to 60 degrees

History: Southampton has been England's gateway to the world for centuries, an embarkment point for armies from the Middle Ages to D-Day.

Tidbit: The Mayflower began its voyage to the New World from Southampton.

Cape Town, South Africa

Population: 1,911,521

Government: Constitutional democracy

Weather: Mediterranean, average temperature range 55 to 75

Official language: English, Afrikaans

History: Capetown is the oldest city in South Africa, established in 1652, and the nation's parliamentary capital.

Tidbit: Known as the Tavern of the Seas for its hospitality to sailors traveling around Africa on their way to the Far East.

Fremantle, Australia

Population: 24,041

Official language: English

Government: Federal parliament

Weather: Mediterranean, average temperature range 55 to 80

History: Fremantle, the port for Perth, was first explored by Dutchmen in the 17th century after they were blown off course in the Indian Ocean.

Tidbit: Fremantle was host to the America's Cup Challenge in 1987, when the United States reclaimed the cup.

Sydney, Australia

Population: 3,700,000

Official language: English

Weather: Marine West Coast, average temperature range 56 to 74

Government: Federal parliament

History: Sydney, Australia's first and largest city, is where a shipload of 750 convicts disembarked in 1788.

Tidbit: The city's opera house has 200 steps and took 14 years and $102 million to build; the hall's wood-paneled ceiling contains no nails or screws, so the sound is undisturbed.

Pub Date: 9/21/97


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