Cable relief

September 21, 1997

THE INTERNET is full of messages from cable television viewers who do not like their local provider's program line-up or rates. One web page even claims that a local cable company "hates my guts" and urges: "Go bombard them with e-mail!"

Hold the messages!

Judge Gary I. Strausberg has ordered United Artists Cable Television to reimburse tens of thousands of Baltimore City subscribers nearly $6 million that he says the company wrongfully collected as late-payment penalties.

"With its $5 late fee, the cable company has taken undue advantage of consumers," he wrote, ordering the company to reduce the late fee to 50 cents.

Cable rates have been going up at such a rapid clip in recent years that this must be sweet news to all Baltimoreans who were tardy with their payments.

Pub Date: 9/21/97

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