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September 21, 1997

Selective execs:

Quality of life has become a key issue in job negotiations with executives, reports A. T. Kearney Executive Search.

The search firm reports that executives more frequently are asking in job negotiations these days about taking their families on business trips with them, being more selective about the communities into which they will move and seeking more freedom to take three- and four-day weekends.

And, Kearney says, 25 percent of executive job candidates decline placement at a corporation because of lack of attention to family issues.

Early birds:

A Sprint Business survey of 500 employees of small businesses indicates that morning is the most productive part of the workday.

Eighty-two percent of employees surveyed believed they were most productive in the morning.

In addition, 70 percent said they would rather work four days of 10 hours than five days of eight hours.

Pub Date: 9/21/97

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