Vito Stellino's power rankings

September 19, 1997|By VITO STELLINO

1. Green Bay: Can the Pack overcome its injuries?

2. New England: Patriots let the Tuna hype get to them.

3. Dallas: Cowboys needed luck to survive last week.

4. Denver: John Elway isn't showing his age.

5. Jacksonville: Mark Brunell may make it back this week.

6. Tampa Bay: This time, the Bucs may be for real.

7. Pittsburgh: Is Kordell Stewart ready for prime time?

8. San Francisco: Another easy one against the Falcons.

9. Philadelphia: Eagles must improve special teams.

10. Washington: Gus Frerotte finally made a big play.

11. Minnesota: Tough game coming up at Lambeau.

12. Carolina: Kerry Collins makes a difference.

13. Miami: Dolphins need a running game.

14. Tennessee: Can Eddie George shred the Ravens' defense?

15. Kansas City: Chiefs are two plays away from being 0-3.

16. Buffalo: Game against Colts is like a bye.

17. Arizona: Bad call in OT cost Cardinals last week.

18. Ravens: Air McNair may test the Ravens' secondary.

19. Oakland: Jeff George needs to grow up.

20. Cincinnati: Bengals worked on running game during bye week.

21. Detroit: Is Barry Sanders going to get in a groove?

22. New York Jets: No Tuna hype this week.

23. St. Louis: Dick Vermeil may miss the broadcast booth.

L 24. New York Giants: Losing Ike Hilliard is a major setback.

25. Seattle: Warren Moon may revive the Seahawks.

26. San Diego: Kevin Gilbride's system isn't working.

27. Indianapolis: Neither is Lindy Infante's.

28. Chicago: Rick Mirer can't turn this team around.

29. Atlanta: Chris Chandler is taking a beating.

30. New Orleans: Mellow Mike's back to being Iron Mike.

Pub Date: 9/19/97

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