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September 19, 1997|By Christy Kruhm | Christy Kruhm,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

THREE Mount Airy stay-at-home mothers have taken to the airwaves in a big way.

A few years ago, the three friends began spending afternoons sitting on Kathleen Warholic's deck watching their children play and offering each other support and advice on child-rearing. Now the trio is producing a talk show on a Frederick radio station.

Warholic, with Barbie Burdine and Lynne Galletti, are the hosts of "Mom's Talk, No You're Not Crazy," on WFMD-930 AM.

After two successful shows this summer, the women have been offered a six-month contract to be hosts from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. every Thursday starting next week.

The trio came up with the idea about a year ago, after realizing that their humorous approach to the daily trials of motherhood, and the comfort their friendship offered, made their choice to stay home with their children much easier.

Aware that many first-time, single or older mothers don't have the luxury of family or friends close by to provide support and guidance, the women figured that their radio show could become what these women needed.

Whether providing a "quick fix," offering a child-rearing tip that worked for them, or a funny story, the women hope their show will offer a common-sense, humorous approach to raising children.

"We're funny," said Warholic. "We crack each other up."

With a total of seven children among the three women, Warholic figures they have experienced what every mom goes through.

While no one is saying that full-time motherhood is a bad thing, "it just has its ups and downs. Sometimes you need someone to talk to," said Burdine.

Past show topics have included summer vacations, second children and moms' time to themselves. Listeners are invited to call in during the show to join the discussion or vent their frustrations.

The women knew that they would have a tough job selling themselves and their concept to radio stations. With no experience in broadcasting or sales, they tackled the job aggressively.

They spent several months researching how to market themselves to radio stations, lining up potential advertisers and

surveying other mothers to see if the interest was there for such a radio talk show.

"Everyone I talked to thought it was a great idea; even my pediatrician thought it was a good idea," Galletti said.

WFMD was the first radio station the women approached. After meeting with station manager Frank Mitchell and presenting him with their market research and opinion polls, he asked the women to submit a five-minute demo tape and proposal.

The three were invited back July 31 for a live one-hour show with disc jockey Bob Miller.

The response was so overwhelming, listeners who tried to call in found the phone lines jammed.

The women were invited back for a second show Aug. 19.

The radio moms said they were quite nervous before each show, although once they started talking, the hour was over before they knew it.

Now that the talk show has a time slot, the three women are looking ahead.

Their goal: a syndicated radio talk show and plans to take their show on the road.

"This is just the beginning -- we're going all the way," Burdine said.

The women agree that although the talk show has become a "job," they are mothers first. "It doesn't feel like a job -- we love it," Galletti said.

The three friends still spend afternoons sitting on Warholic's deck watching the children play, laughing and telling stories. Warholic says the only difference now is that they're jotting down show ideas and stories

in between settling the children's squabbles and tending to scratches.

"Mom's Talk" will be broadcast live at 10 a.m. today from the WFMD trailer at the Frederick County Fair.

The live call-in line is 301-694-9363 and the comment line is 301-695-3265.

Lion of the Year

Mount Airy Lion Martha Paisie has been recognized by immediate past President Robert C. Disinger as the Mount Airy Lion's Club "Lion of the Year" for 1996-1997.

Paisie has been responsible for designing and producing the club's annual scrapbook, selling tickets at the annual carnival and packaging monthly SHARE food boxes.

She has held the post of vice president or director every year since becoming a Lion.

Christy Kruhm's Southwest Neighborhood column appears each Friday in the Carroll County edition of The Sun.

Pub Date: 9/19/97

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