Floyd resting at home after sojourn Missing iguana turns up, shaken, after 6 days lost

September 18, 1997|By Dan Morse | Dan Morse,SUN STAFF

His ribs showing through baggy skin, his head jerking back and forth after six days in the suburban wilds, Floyd came home yesterday.

The 5-foot iguana -- who had scampered off his owner's Ellicott City porch last week and captured the community's interest -- was found in a narrow alley off historic Main Street. By 5 p.m., Floyd was back with his owner, Dana Cole.

"Oh my God, I flipped out," said Cole, 27, who lives about 200 feet from where Floyd was found -- separated by a wooded area.

Cole has now turned his attention to getting his jittery friend to eat. "I don't really know what he was exposed to out there," he said.

Much of Floyd's length is a thin tail, so he was lucky to avoid neighborhood animals for six days. Floyd would have had his claws full with a tough cat -- let alone a dog.

Over the past week, Cole and his friends had posted about 100 fliers. They set up a "Floyd Come Home" site on the World Wide Web. And their story was told in newspapers and on television.

Cole said dozens of people had called with iguana sightings -- some of which were so far away that Floyd would have needed cab fare to get there. Callers said they'd seen iguanas in Ferndale, near "a Methodist church on Reisterstown Road," and off Interstate 97, Cole said.

Floyd was found through a case of lizard luck.

Late yesterday afternoon, Marty Fadrowski of Sykesville was on a sales call in Ellicott City. While walking on Main Street, he happened to read one of the posted Floyd fliers. Fadrowski, who has owned a boa constrictor and an alligator, said he took an immediate interest in Floyd's fortune.

At 4: 45 p.m., Fadrowski was pulling out of a parking lot, about to return to Sykesville, when he saw several women pointing up the alley toward a concrete walkway and set of stairs.

As Fadrowski got out of his truck to investigate, the women left, Fadrowski said.

Fadrowski walked up the alley, found Floyd and picked him up. He then walked into a nearby business to call Cole, using the phone number on the flier. But before he could get through to him, Cole's two roommates -- out on a coffee run -- spotted Floyd.

They quickly took him home.

Floyd's home page is www.endlesssummertours.com/iguana.

Pub Date: 9/18/97

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