Opponent's playbook Giants' 25 O-F

September 14, 1997

The formation: Pro left, off-set I.

The action: On the snap of the ball, Giants wide receiver Thomas Lewis (81), split right, takes an inside release and blocks on the safety. Tight end Howard Cross (87) and right tackle Scott Gragg double-team the defensive end as right guard Ron Stone pulls and kicks off the play-side end. Center Derek Engler blocks back on the defensive tackle while left guard Greg Bishop and left tackle Roman Oben double-team the play-side defensive tackle. Fullback Charles Way (30) runs to his left to help seal off the outside while running back Tiki Barber (21) takes a counter-step right and takes the handoff from quarterback Dave Brown through the 5-hole, hugging the inside blocks. Wide receiver Chris Calloway (80), split left, drives and seals on the cornerback.

Pub Date: 9/14/97

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