50 years agoThe Congoleum plant at Cedarhurst, along the...


September 14, 1997|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

50 years ago

The Congoleum plant at Cedarhurst, along the Western Maryland Railroad, suffered its second heavy loss by fire Monday night when the rag warehouse caught fire from combustion. The building was sheet iron and 700 feet long. The first occurred years ago. It was estimated that 300 firemen with 19 pumpers poured water into the rag piles for several hours before it was brought under control. During the height of the fire, flames were visible a mile and a half away, attracting hundreds of spectators. -- Democratic Advocate, Sept. 12, 1947.

75 years ago

On Labor Day, Fred Jenkins pulled off about the most remarkable individual work ever done in these parts on a baseball diamond. He not only pitched and won the morning and afternoon games of a doubleheader against the strong Littlestown baseball club, but he shut them out in both contests, allowing a total of but six hits and two bases on balls. -- Democratic Advocate, Sept. 8, 1922.

100 years ago

On Saturday last, Mary Louise, 3-year-old daughter of Dr. Geo. B. Fundenburg, who is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cunningham, this city, introduced a grain of corn in her nostril. It passed up so far that it was impossible to remove it by ordinary methods. She was taken to Dr. Chas. R. Foutz, who very skillfully, by the use of the proper instruments, promptly withdrew it, much to the relief of the little girl's mother and grandparents, who were quite distressed until its removal. -- American Sentinel, Sept. 11, 1897.

Pub Date: 9/14/97

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