Governor is indifferent to bay and the peoplePrudent...


September 14, 1997

Governor is indifferent to bay and the people

Prudent -- "using good judgment or common sense in handling practical manners."

This is a word the governor should learn to appreciate. It is a quality that the people of Maryland deserve and require of their elected "leadership." I hope that no one else becomes ill from the waters of the Chesapeake, but if they should, the responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of the soon-to-be ex-governor.

I voted against Ellen R. Sauerbrey in 1994 because of her stated lack of concern for the bay, thus showing she did not know the citizens of Maryland. I will vote against Gov. Parris N. Glendening in the next election because he has demonstrated his limited understanding of the bay and his total lack of concern for the people. The governor and his secretary of health, Dr. Martin P. Wasserman, should be ashamed of their hubris.

The watermen and their families affected by this problem deserve our sympathy and support in seeking competent medical help to determine the extent of the danger and appropriate treatment. Their problems should not be trivialized by the governor's "photo op," eating sanitized seafood. It is unfortunate that we have a governor who cannot act in a prudent manner.

Alan Stubbs

Ellicott City I am writing to response to the inaccuracies in the article about middle school band featured in The Sun in Howard on Sept. 7.

In my conversation with the reporter, I thought that I had clarified that our new block schedule does not in any way affect the band schedule. Clarksville Middle band students have the same opportunities to participate in band as they have in the past.

I am not sure why Clarksville Middle is even mentioned in the article. I have not received any concerns from staff or parents concerning this issue. Clarksville Middle allows every student to participate in general music and at the same time have the opportunity to participate in band, chorus and/orchestra.

While we did increase academic time with our new schedule, we did not do it at the expense of music. We have an excellent music program at Clarksville Middle and I will continue to support it.

Harriette C. Greenberg


The writer is principal of Clarksville Middle School.

Diana's death a defining moment

Upon hearing of the death of Princess Diana, I was reminded of all the people who can remember exactly where they were when President John F. Kennedy was killed. I am 24 years old. In my lifetime, I can recall what I was doing when President Reagan was shot and the Challenger exploded. I realize that Diana's death will also be one of those horrible events that singes my memory.

We lacked royalty at home, so we looked across the ocean to a girl draped in white silk taking her first steps toward a lifetime of kings and queens. Somewhere along the dreamlike journey of royal bliss, Diana and Charles took a wrong turn. The royals weren't going to live happily ever after, at least not together. Still, Diana had a chance for happiness.

TH I guess someone forgot to tell me that fairy tales are only fiction.

Elizabeth S. Homan

Ellicott City

Pub Date: 9/14/97

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