Snowden in Annapolis primary Anne Arundel County: Alderman has earned Democratic nomination for mayor.

September 11, 1997

DEMOCRATIC VOTERS in Annapolis are fortunate to have three candidates -- Dennis Callahan, Sylvanus B. Jones and Carl O. Snowden -- with a demonstrated commitment to public service in the city. After considering their records, we urge voters to choose Mr. Snowden as the Democratic nominee in Tuesday's primary.

In 12 years on the City Council, Mr. Snowden has matured into an effective legislator who can articulate a vision, build a consensus to support it and enact it into law. As chairman of two key committees on the council, finance and economic matters, he has done an outstanding job in crafting a budget and economic development legislation, such as a bill allowing sidewalk cafes along touristy Main Street.

Although a segment of Annapolis may still think of Mr. Snowden as an activist focused solely on civil rights issues, he has developed into a public official with a broader understanding of how to improve the quality of life for all residents. He supports the revitalization of the Inner West Street corridor and believes that a publicly funded conference center can be a crucial component of that effort. He understands that the tourism and hospitality sectors sometimes conflict with residents' wishes, but that these industries enable many people to work and live in the city.

We have raised questions this year about the finances of Mr. Snowden's annual Martin Luther King Jr. Awards Dinner. The charitable event has outgrown its initial informal structure. Subsequent reports, however, have put to rest suspicions that funds were being misspent.

Mr. Snowden has acknowledged the need for more disclosure, and we expect to see improve- ments before next year's dinner.

As for the other Democratic candidates, Mr. Callahan was an effective mayor of Annapolis from 1985 to 1989, who failed to regain the office in two subsequent tries. He says he has learned from the controversies and divisiveness that marked his term in office. Yet Mr. Callahan's vision for the city of Annapolis seems limited and is insufficiently supportive of business, such as his opposition to a conference center, which he believes "no one wants." Mr. Jones, meanwhile, has been a volunteer on the city transportation board, but does not have the breadth of experience of the other men.

Based on Mr. Snowden's record of service and his ability to represent a cross-section of Annapolis, The Sun endorses his candidacy in Tuesday's primary.

Tomorrow: Republican nominee for mayor.

Democratic candidates

* Dennis M. Callahan, 56, businessman, former mayor (1985-89)

* Sylvanus B. Jones, 68, retired federal employee; chairman, Annapolis Transportation Advisory Board.

* Carl O. Snowden, 44, consultant, ward 5 alderman (1985-present)

Pub Date: 9/11/97

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