Hits and misses

September 10, 1997|By Joe Strauss

On the field: Second base was a productive place for the Orioles. Starter Roberto Alomar banged three hits before Aaron Ledesma pinch-ran for him in the fifth inning. Ledesma contributed two hits of his own. Alomar emerged from the game unscathed despite going from first to third in the first inning and then unsuccessfully trying to tag on Geronimo Berroa's fly ball.

In the dugout: Davey Johnson gave Jeffrey Hammonds a second consecutive game off, staying with the adventuresome Berroa in right field. Berroa atoned for Monday night's defensive lapse with a sixth-inning home run and two RBIs. Lenny Webster again caught in place of Chris Hoiles. Webster caught five of the nine games on the road trip. Both catchers are trying to recover from strained Achilles' tendons.

In the clubhouse: "What did I tell you, two days? You asked how long it would take him to be ready. I said two days. I was wrong. It took him 10 innings." -- Johnson, speaking about Alomar's active game.

Pub Date: 9/10/97

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