Redskins not welcome in state of Art

September 10, 1997|By Ken Rosenthal

In Wednesday's editions, the status of Redskins running back Terry Allen in regard to a July accident was reported incorrectly. Allen allegedly was intoxicated when he crashed his Ferrari into a tree in Monroe, Ga., and was charged with driving under the influence and fleeing police at 133 mph.

The Sun regrets the errors.

Earth to Baltimore: The Redskins play in the NFC East. The Ravens and Steelers play in the AFC Central. Therefore, when the Redskins play the Steelers, the Ravens are better off if the Redskins win.

You wouldn't have known it Sunday at Memorial Stadium, where the crowd of 52,968 unleashed one of its loudest cheers of the day over the news that the Steelers had beaten the Redskins, 14-13.


"There's obviously a great anti-Washington feeling in this city," Ravens owner Art Modell said. "I was sort of surprised when they cheered the result. After all, Pittsburgh is in our division. They could have been 0-2."

Well, Art, this is Bawlmer, where no slight is too small, no inferiority complex is too large and the Ravens- Redskins showdown on Oct. 26 is not just for the state championship, but also a higher cause.

In time, Ravens fans will learn to despise the Steelers as much as they do the Redskins. But for now, with the rejection in expansion still fresh, Baltimore still isn't over it.

Never mind that Modell also opposed an expansion team in Baltimore. All anyone remembers is the late Jack Kent Cooke's brief obsession with Laurel and the damage it did to the city's chances.

So, for the benefit of our readers who want Baltimore to secede from Maryland when the Redskins cross the border, we present the updated state standings:

Ravens, 1-1.

Redskins, 1-1.

That's right, the lowly Ravens are tied with the mighty, arrogant, perennially overrated three-time Super Bowl champions, who play "host" to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

Remember Mickey Rivers' famous taunt of one Reginald Martinez Jackson? "White man's first name, Spanish middle name and a black man's last name. No wonder you don't know who the hell you are."

The Redskins supposedly hail from Washington, but they practice in Virginia and now they're going to play in Maryland with $70.5 million in assistance from the state's taxpayers.

You get the idea.

Let's introduce the key members of the organization that will create mammoth traffic jams Sunday at Jack Kent Cooke Stadium in Landover or Raljon or whatever the place is called.

Marlene Cooke. JKC's sometimes estranged wife. She's now disputing his will. Could end up owning the team. Could end up deported. There's always a place for you in Baltimore, hon.

General manager Charlie Casserly. Think the Ravens had it bad with Peter Boulware's five-week holdout? At least the sucker can play.

Only one of Casserly's No. 1s from 1992 to '96 is still with the Redskins. That would be the oft-injured pugilist, Michael Westbrook.

Andre Johnson? Cut.

Heath Shuler? Stinking it up in New Orleans.

Tom Carter? Replaced by Cris Dishman.

Desmond Howard? Became Super Bowl MVP with Green Bay.

In fairness, Casserly can't be blamed for Westbrook, Shuler and Johnson. Those picks were ordered by the next member of the brain trust

Coach Norv Turner. Like Casserly, he recently received a three-year contract extension. Why not? He's now 19-31 lifetime.

Turner is the only NFL coach who has been with his team three years or longer and not made the playoffs.

He "earned" his extension, all right, overseeing his team's 2-6 collapse last season after a 7-1 start.

Which brings us to the players

Quarterback Gus Frerotte. And you thought Modell was overly generous. The Redskins just gave the unproven Frerotte a four-year, $18 million extension. And soon, he might lose his job to 90-year-old Jeff Hostetler.

Oh, the Redskins made all kinds of excuses for Gus' three picks on Sunday. How long will the honeymoon last? Washingtonians love quarterback controversies, so they have something to talk about between presidential elections.

Running back Terry Allen. Drove 133 mph while intoxicated in July, ran 141 yards in the season opener. Look out! Now playing in the same state as Bam Morris.

Defensive tackle Sean Gilbert. He's holding out for $5 million a season on the advice of a higher authority.

"Sean feels he's had a revelation from God that this should be the figure," Gilbert's agent, Gus Senseri, said.

Ravens special-teams demon Bennie Thompson would like to find some of that religion.

"I got a revelation, too," Thompson said. "I wish I could get me 5 [million]. I just want 1. I ain't greedy."

Thompson earns $305,000.

Westbrook. NFL stats: 69 career receptions, one knockout.

Forget Deion -- Westbrook is the first two-sport star to specialize in boxing and football. Prolific puncher, if not the Michael Irvin-type receiver the Redskins envisioned.

So, there you have 'em, Maryland, your 1997 Washington Redskins.

NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, lover of all things Washington, is expected to attend the opening of the new stadium Sunday.

Gov. Parris N. "Mr. Popularity" Glendening will probably be there as well, waving a Redskins mug over his beloved Prince George's County soil.

The Redskins are coming. The Redskins are coming.

All together, Baltimore:

Go Arizona.

Pub Date: 9/10/97

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