Hans Eysenck,81, a psychologist who questioned the...

Deaths Elsewhere

September 09, 1997

Hans Eysenck,81, a psychologist who questioned the scientific validity of psychotherapy and published controversial books on intelligence, crime and smoking, died of cancer Thursday in London. A persistent critic of conventional psychotherapy, he advocated "behavior therapy," which aims to treat immediate problems rather than probing for buried causes, as would those schooled in the Sigmund Freud approach.

Harold Elwood Yuker,73, a psychologist who defied the cerebral palsy with which he was born to become a leading educator at Hofstra University and an authority on attitudes toward the disabled, died of hypertension and cardiovascular disease Aug. 25 at his home in Bellmore, N.Y.

Derek Taylor,65, publicist for the Beatles, died of cancer Sunday at his home in England. He held numerous music industry jobs, but was best known for his association with the Liverpool four. He served two stints as their press officer and oversaw global publicity for ABC's miniseries, "The Beatles Anthology," in 1995.

Pub Date: 9/09/97

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