Joe Strauss' O's week in review

September 07, 1997|By JOE STRAUSS

Statistics through Thursday

Ups and downs

Davey Johnson -- DOWN -- For one week he fiddled while his bullpen burned.

Rick Krivda -- UP -- The Orioles got a pleasant surprise when he came up huge Thursday.

Mike Bordick -- UP -- He and Cal Ripken have six combined errors since the All-Star break. Forget his bat, his glove has never flinched.

Pro Player Stadium -- DOWN -- Aka Joe Robbie Stadium. Death-defying pitching mound. Collapsible dugouts. By any name, it's a terrible place for baseball.

Terry Mathews -- DOWN -- Has allowed earned runs in seven of his past 10 appearances. An all-points bulletin is out for his lost mechanics.

Aaron Ledesma -- UP -- Technically a rookie, he has been ice under fire. Hasn't made a nervous mistake all season.

Mike Mussina -- UP -- Is AL's best pitcher the past four weeks. A win would be nice.

Postseason tickets -- UP -- Does anybody really think $70 a pop will chill the market for World Series seats?

Quote of the week

"I looked over at Ray [Miller] and said, 'Which one of us gets the football team and which one of us gets the baseball team?' "

Davey Johnson, on how the Orioles could have divided profits from a liability lawsuit after the collapse of the team's dugout roof at Pro Player Stadium. Several players, including Roberto Alomar, Rick Krivda and Scott Erickson, barely avoided injury. It took 12 stadium employees to remove the damage.

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