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September 06, 1997

With the Court of Special Appeals judge's opinion regarding the unconstitutional auto search on I-95 (news article, Aug. 28), Trooper Bernard Donovan would have been better off if he sat in a truck stop, drank coffee and watched the drug traffic pass by.

Trooper Donovan and his dog applied their training and God's gift of intellectual suspicions to catch Cedrick Whitehead with illegal cocaine. Their observations may have saved the lives of many young people.

Perhaps the court would have preferred that Mr. Whitehead take a shot at the trooper before he verified his suspicions. It would have been too late and, therefore, avoided any requirement of a court opinion.

We need more troopers like Bernard Donovan and fewer judges like Andrew L. Sonner.

William Shenk


Terrorism is what destroys peace

An Aug. 21 Sun headline, ''Palestinians' fears grow as settlements take root," was most misleading, insensitive and unbalanced.

It should have read, "Israelis fears grow as Hamas terrorist cells take root in Gaza," especially since The Sun ran a large photo on another page of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, smiling warmly and greeting a Hamas leader in Gaza city.

Freezing ''settlements'' is not the answer to achieving peace in the Middle East, but defrosting the hate and prejudice against Israel and the news media's misleading reporting might be a beginning.

Barbara Ann Bloom

Owings Mills

Insurance fund isn't a state agency

I would like to correct a misperception fostered by your Aug. 12 article, ''Workers compensation premiums might go down.'' In the article, the Injured Workers' Insurance Fund was characterized as an insurer ''set up by the state for risky companies.'' That depiction supports the incorrect notion that IWIF remains a state agency providing insurance only for businesses that cannot find insurance elsewhere.

Because workers compensation insurance coverage is mandatory, IWIF was created by the legislature to provide an affordable and available market for all Maryland employers.

Its mission includes providing workers compensation insurance for all businesses regardless of the company's age, size or potential for risk in the workplace.

IWIF has operated without any state financial support since its inception in 1914, and has been an independent company for almost a decade.

Our company's revenues come entirely from premiums and investment income. We compete with all private workers-compensation insurers in Maryland. Approximately 25,000 of the 30,000 companies we insure receive some level of premium discount for demonstrating that they maintain safe working environments -- a clear indication that IWIF primarily insures responsible, not ''risky,'' employers.

Paul M. Rose


The writer is president and CEO of the Injured Workers' Insurance Fund.

Police complaints about commissioner

No doubt about it. The prime candidate for ''Whiner cry-baby of the year'' is Ronald L. Daniel. Did the bad old mayor pass him over for commissioner?

Buck Thomas


Pub Date: 9/06/97

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