Vito Stellino's power rankings

September 05, 1997|By Vito Stellino

1. Green Bay: The Packers can't keep losing a starter a game.

2. Dallas: America's Most Wanted Team is back.

3. New England: Drew Bledsoe doesn't miss Bill.

4. Denver: Easy one in Seattle this week.

5. Pittsburgh: It's time to gas up the Bus.

6. Miami: Would Jimmy really bench Dan?

7. Washington: Winning without Terry Allen will be tough.

8. Minnesota: Robert Smith makes a difference.

9. St. Louis: Dick Vermeil hasn't lost his touch.

10. San Francisco: Can the 49ers rebuild?

11. Tennessee: Jeff Fisher's team doesn't need fans.

12. Carolina: Last year's season was a fluke.

13. Kansas City: Elvis may not be the answer.

14. Detroit: Can the Lions block Warren Sapp?

15. Tampa Bay: The Bucs have a shot at 2-0.

16. Philadelphia: Eagles need a quarterback.

17. Jacksonville: They're running out of QBs.

18. Buffalo: Should bring Jets back to earth.

19. Cincinnati: Carl Pickens figures to torch Ravens.

20. Indianapolis: As usual, Colts arelosing.

21. N.Y. Giants: Jim Fassel's off to a good start.

22. N.Y. Jets: So is the Tuna: a k a Bill Parcells.

23. Ravens: Maybe it should be Same New Ravens.

24. Arizona: Stole page from Ravens by blowing a lead.

25. Oakland: Raiders have no pride or poise.

26.New Orleans: Mike hasn't exploded yet.

27. Chicago: It looks like Bryan Cox is at it again.

28. San Diego: Chargers miss Bobby Ross.

29. Atlanta: Reeves makes them competitive.

30. Seattle: New leader in Manning derby.

Pub Date: 9/05/97

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