Hits and misses

September 05, 1997|By Roch Kubatko

On the field: In a scene straight out of spring training, reliever Terry Mathews did some throwing in the bullpen after facing two batters in the seventh inning. Mathews walked Joe Girardi leading off and allowed a single to Rey Sanchez before coming out. Mathews could be seen discussing with bullpen coach Elrod Hendricks where his arm was positioned when throwing.

In the dugout: Manager Davey Johnson read the Yankees' lineup card given to him about three hours before the game and noticed that pitcher Hideki Irabu's name didn't appear among the relievers. Or anywhere else, for that matter. He was assured by some New York writers that Irabu was, indeed, still a part of the club and would be in the bullpen.

In the clubhouse: "When you have good chemistry in the clubhouse, the players keep each other focused on the ultimate goal, and that's winning the world championship. It's naive to think that for every player in every clubhouse, the most important thing is winning. But I honestly believe in this clubhouse, this year, winning is the most important thing. And I don't know if that was always the focus in '96." -- Orioles assistant general manager Kevin Malone.

Pub Date: 9/05/97


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