A card game Gen-Xers can sink their teeth into

September 02, 1997|By Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Finally, a game with some teeth.

It's called "Bite Me," and it's a Gen-X version of the card game "Old Maid," but with phat phrases and a whole lotta 'tude.

"Bite Me" comes from San Diego-based StickWorld, whose creations -- caps, T-shirts, figurines -- are sold at Blockbuster Music, Sears, J. C. Penney and Target.

The game is simple. You get points for collecting three of the same kind of card. But instead of hearts and diamonds, you get phrases such as "Chick with an attitude," "Space cadet" and "Talk to the hand." The kicker: To ask for a card, you have to use the phrase in conversation: "That Demi Moore in 'G.I. Jane' -- now there's a chick with an attitude." Instead of the Old Maid card, there's the dreaded Bite Me card.

Pub Date: 9/02/97

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