Diana lived and died in headlines


September 01, 1997

Was anyone else of her status ever subject to so many headlines of such large size for so long?

Princess Diana never won an election. She never discovered the cure for a disease, never led an army, never managed an office, never argued a case in court. Her profession during her 15-year marriage to Prince Charles and in the year after their divorce was one that is assigned, not chosen. It was to be an object of desire -- the princess whose life the public wanted to know in the greatest possible detail, as if they would then share in it.

There may now be a debate whether the press created or only fed that enormous appetite for word of Diana. But let this selection of headlines from the British press testify to what people knew of a princess in the bright public light.

Divorce in Two Weeks; Princess Diana and Prince Charles to be Divorced within Two Weeks

Daily Mirror, July 3, 1996

Diana, Cunning Queen of Broken Hearts

Mail on Sunday, Sept. 29, 1996,

Diana's Nightie on the Town; Slinky Princess Wows Stars at Big Apple Party at Boozy Disco

Daily Mirror, Dec. 11, 1996

Diana: Better by Design; Magazine Discovers What the World's Top Fashion Designers Really Think of Diana's Post-Divorce Wardrobe

Daily Mail, Dec. 26, 1996

All in a Di's Work; Princess Gets Busy in the Danger Zone; Princess Diana's Angola Landmines "Fact Finding" Trip

The Mirror, Jan. 14, 1997

Why Diana Aide Quit

Daily Mail, Jan. 24, 1997

20M to Watch Diana's TV Heartache; Princess Bares Her Soul in Woman-to-Woman Talk

Sunday Mirror, Feb. 2, 1997

Being Di Made Me Ill, Says Lookalike

Evening Standard, March 19, 1997

I Couldn't Stand Di's Bad Moods, Says Fitness Guru as She Quits; Princess Diana's Personal Trainer Tells Why She Quit

Sunday Mirror, April 6, 1997

Why Doesn't Di Have a Real Gal Pal?; Men Fall at Her Feet but No Woman Stays Close for Long

The Mirror, June 11, 1997

Portrait Of a Princess Alone with Her Thoughts

Daily Mail, July 16, 1997

Diana: It's a Real Romance; After their private cruise in the Mediterranean, the Princess and Al Fayed's son meet at his Park Lane flat for dinner

A dash to his flat, then food arrives on silver platters

Daily Mail, Aug. 8, 1997

In love?...Diana Ducks Questions of Romance on Landmine Trip

Mail on Sunday, Aug. 10, 1997

Diana cries for Bosnian mine victims

The Scotsman, Aug. 11, 1997

Di's Love Boat Might Be Her Titanic

Daily Record, Aug. 11, 1997

Liaisons dangereuses or Carry On Dodi? High intrigue, low farce.

The Independent, Aug. 17, 1997

Princess Diana and Lover Dodi Die in Paris Car Crash

The Sunday Times, Aug. 31, 1997

Pub Date: 9/01/97

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