25 years agoTrailer park development is expected to grow...


August 03, 1997|By Robert M. Pennington from the archives of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

25 years ago

Trailer park development is expected to grow in Anne Arundel because of a County Council bill allowing seven mobile homes per acre in agricultural zones with a maximum of 76 homes per trailer park. -- The Sun, July 2, 1972.

Health department studies of flood-damaged homes in northern Anne Arundel indicate 41 houses along the Patapsco River were greatly damaged or destroyed in the 100-year flood plain. -- The Sun, July 10, 1972.

The Anne Arundel County Human Relations Commission is requesting a renegotiation of a contract clause between the school board and the teachers as discriminatory by making teachers leave their jobs if they become pregnant. -- The Sun, July 14, 1972.

The Heritage Civic Association is attempting to stop a proposal to build a new 50-store shopping center at Forest Drive and South Cherry Grove Avenue near the outskirts of Annapolis. -- The Sun, July 30, 1972.

Pub Date: 8/03/97

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