Peter Earle,71, an investigative reporter who helped...


April 28, 1997

Peter Earle,71, an investigative reporter who helped uncover a scandal that brought down a British government and who revealed the "poison umbrella" murder of a Bulgarian dissident, died of cancer April 6 in London. His investigations into a call-girl ring grew into the Profumo scandal that brought down Prime Minister Harold Macmillan's government in 1962.

Joey Faye,87, a burlesque and Broadway star who performed with stripper Gypsy Rose Lee and played the dancing green grapes in Fruit of the Loom commercials, died Saturday in Englewood, N.J.

Bernard Vonnegut,82, a chemist known for his discovery of cloud-seeding techniques and his research into the nature of thunderstorms, died Friday in Albany, N.Y. Vonnegut, the older brother of writer Kurt Vonnegut Jr., discovered the power of silver iodide as a cloud-seeding agent in 1946.

Peng Zhen,95, a victim of Mao Tse-tung's purges who returned to prominence and fashioned legal checks on arbitrary uses of power, died Saturday in Beijing. His longevity and political influence made him one of China's "Eight Immortals," a phrase from Chinese folklore to describe eight elderly veterans of the communist revolution who set policy from behind the scenes through the 1980s.

Brian May,63, an Australian composer who wrote the theme music for 33 movies including "Mad Max" and "Gallipoli," died of a heart attack Friday in Melbourne.

Jean Louis,89, an Oscar-winning costume designer whose fashions were worn by first lady Nancy Reagan and many actresses, including his wife, Loretta Young, died Sunday in Palm Springs, Calif. He won the Academy Award for costume design in 1956 for "The Solid Gold Cadillac," starring Judy Holliday.

Sigrid Heide,86, a member of the Norwegian World War II resistance who wrote a highly regarded book about her experiences, died in Oslo, Norway, newspapers reported Thursday. Her book, "Maybe Tomorrow ", was praised by reviewers as a moving account of life in a concentration camp.

Pub Date: 4/28/97

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