Towson Cellist's Part Was Not Recognized

April 26, 1997

THE INTERNATIONAL Friends of the Cello Association and we appreciate The Sun's interest in and support of cello music both in Maryland and abroad and wish to express our thanks for the April 20 editorial (Cellists of the world, unite!").

However, the editorial does not include a word about the moving spirit of the cello programs and the internationally acclaimed cellist and teacher at Towson State University whose achievements have been acknowledged and have contributed to Maryland's position in the cello world.

Cecylia Barczyk has achieved international fame both for her performing and teaching. Professor Barczyk's contributions to cello performing and teaching have been highly valued both by colleagues and the general public in many countries. She has contributed to the fame of Maryland.

Aldo Parisot

Charles H. Borowsky


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