Where sweethearts dineWhich do you think are Maryland's...


April 24, 1997|By Elizabeth Large | Elizabeth Large,SUN RESTAURANT CRITIC

Where sweethearts dine

Which do you think are Maryland's most romantic restaurants? According to a new book, "Dining by Candlelight" (Boru, $13.95), there are three: Hampton's in Baltimore, Cafe Normandie in Annapolis and the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels. These are among author Bradley S. O'Leary's picks of America's 200 most romantic restaurants.

Don't feel bad that there are only three. Washington, the restaurant mecca next door to us, has only two, according to the book. And one of them, the Prime Rib, we also have in Baltimore. (The other is 1789.)

Brunch adventure

Start your day this Sunday with white Cheddar and hazelnut French toast with cranberry tangerine marmalade and brown sugar whipped cream.

And don't miss the lavender and cardamom caramel pecan sticky buns. Joy America Cafe (800 Key Highway, 410-244-6500) is now serving brunch on Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Balti comes to Balto.

Cafe Bombay (114 E. Lombard St., 410-539-2233) is an Indian restaurant for those ready to move beyond tandoori chicken and lamb curry. When it opened a year and a half ago, Cafe Bombay was noteworthy for having a separate menu of southern Indian vegetarian dishes -- dishes you couldn't find elsewhere in the area. Now it's introduced Balti, a new style of Indian cooking from Baltistan, a part of India during the era of the British Raj.

"It's a type of cooking that's very aromatic, and appeals highly to the senses of smell, sight and, of course, to taste," says owner Tony Chemmanoor. "Presentation is also very authentic, being served as it is in a miniature Indian `wok,' brought piping hot to the table."

Pub Date: 4/24/97

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