Police Blotter is a sampling of crimes in Howard...

Howard Police Blotter

April 23, 1997

Police Blotter is a sampling of crimes in Howard County.

Ellicott City: 4200 block of Centennial Lane: Someone broke into the Burleigh Manor School between Saturday and Monday. A rear window was broken, but nothing appeared to be missing.

Elkridge: 6600 block of Santa Barbara Road: Sherwin Williams Co. was broken into between Friday and Monday. The store was partially ransacked and an attempt was made to break into a safe, but nothing was reported missing.

Elkridge: 5700 block of U.S. 1: Someone broke into Boulevard Automotive Inc. on Monday and stole a stereo from a car parked outside the garage area. Police arrested a 44-year-old Hanover man.

Ellicott City: 4400 block of Stonecrest Drive: A house under construction was broken into between April 15 and Monday. Mirrors, faucets, brass door knobs, shower frames and a stove burner were stolen.

Kings Contrivance: 9700 block of Clocktower Lane: Someone broke into a house Monday and stole a videocassette recorder, jewelry, personal checks, a video and compact discs. There was no sign of forced entry.

Kings Contrivance: 7600 block of Woodpark Lane: A house was burglarized Monday when someone broke in through a second-floor balcony. A stereo, clothes, videocassette recorder, jewelry, cash, cordless phone and a suitcase were stolen.

Town Center: 12200 block of Little Patuxent Pkwy.: Although there were no signs of forced entry, someone broke into a house Monday and stole a stereo, television, compact discs and a videocassette recorder.

Harper's Choice: 5200 block of Eliot's Oak Road: Someone broke into Longfellow Neighborhood Center on Sunday or Monday and stole a telephone. Some minor ransacking also occurred. No signs of forced entry were evident.

West Friendship: 8400 block of Heather Wood Way: Someone broke into a garage between March 1 and Sunday.

Pub Date: 4/23/97

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