Ravens' Selections

Nfl Draft

April 21, 1997

Tyrus McCloud, LB

Round: 4th, 118th pick overall

Size: 6 feet 1 1/2, 251 pounds

School: Louisville

Hometown: Pompano Beach, Fla.

Career statistics: 403 tackles (281 solo) in three seasons

Quote: "This is a guy who looks like an NFL linebacker. One of the strongest people I've even seen at the scouting combine." -- Ravens defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis

Jeff Mitchell, C

Round: 5th, 134th pick overall

Size: 6 feet 4, 307 pounds

School: Florida

Hometown: Clearwater, Fla.

Career statistics: First-team All-SEC in 1995

Quote: "Our main focus was tackles or interior guys who could play guard and center. He's a strong, intelligent guy who can handle it." -- Ravens offensive line coach Kirk Ferentz

Steve Lee, FB

Round: 6th, 167th pick overall

Size: 6 feet 1, 259 pounds

School: Indiana

Hometown: Indianapolis

Career statistics: 178 yards rushing, 163 yards receiving

Quote: "Steve is a blocking guard with a 30s number." -- Ravens college scouting director Phil Savage

Cornell Brown, LB

Round: 6th, 194th pick overall

Size: 6 feet 1, 246 pounds

School: Virginia Tech

Hometown: Lynchburg, Va.

Career statistics: 304 tackles, 36 sacks

Quote: "He has had a lot of recognition, and he lasted all the way until the sixth round, so Cornell is coming in here with something to prove." -- Savage

Chris Ward, DE

Round: 7th, 205th pick overall

Size: 6 feet 3 1/2, 271 pounds

School: Kentucky

Hometown: Decatur, Ga.

Career statistics: 135 tackles, 17 sacks

Quote: "We see him as a big, strong guy who could develop into a promising defensive end." -- Savage

Wally Richardson, QB

Round: 7th, 234th pick overall

Size: 6 feet 4, 221 pounds

School: Penn State

Hometown: Sumter, S.C.

Career statistics: 4,419 yards passing, 27 TDs, 14 interceptions, 54.6 pass completion rate

Quote: "He has a strong arm and he had a very good command of the system at Penn State. We see Wally competing with Scott Otis [for the No. 3 job]." -- Ravens vice president of player personnel Ozzie Newsome

Ralph Staten, LB

Round: 7th, 236th pick overall

Size: 6 feet 3, 208 pounds

School: Alabama

Hometown: Semmes, Ala.

Career statistics: 139 tackles

Quote: "We envision him moving to safety, and while he's learning that, he can still be a great special teams player." -- Savage

Leland Taylor, DT

Round: 7th, 238th overall

Size: 6 feet 3, 303 pounds

School: Louisville

Hometown: Louisville, Ky.

Career statistics: 136 tackles

Quote: "We had to take a chance on him. We could use another tackle, and he's a 300-pound athlete." -- Savage

Pub Date: 4/21/97

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