Splendor in Paris grass

April 21, 1997|By LOS ANGELES TIMES

PARIS -- April in Paris: the delightful time celebrated in song lyrics. Like "chestnuts in blossom." And "holiday tables under the trees."

Starting this spring, Parisians have a few more things to sing about. Like lovers lolling on the grass in many of the city's parks.

In one of those little revolutions that tell a lot about contemporary changes in French lifestyles, Paris authorities have been compelled to revoke long-standing regulations that made it illegal to walk on the grass in most of the city's 413 public gardens, parks and promenades.

Officialdom has capitulated in the face of lounging office workers, Frisbee-tossing tourists and urbanites.

Those nasty signs forbidding people to set foot on the grass are being replaced with smiley faces informing passers-by which lawns can be walked on and which are "resting" in rotation.

Pub Date: 4/21/97

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