Pasta mix stirs the tastebuds

Rush-hour remedies

April 16, 1997|By Maria Hiaasen

Item: Hanover Side Dish Classics Pasta Capri

What you get: 20 ounces (4 servings)

Cost: $2.19

Time to prepare: 7-9 minutes in the microwave or 7-10 minutes on stovetop

Review: This satisfied a weeknight craving for veggies tossed in fancy pasta, and I didn't have to linger over the stove sauteeing garlic and stirring a white sauce. Fluffy malfalda pasta and colorful carrots, asparagus and red peppers come frozen in a bag with a small pouch of garlic and parmesan cheese sauce -- tangy, not overpowering. Packed with vitamin A (70% of a day's requirement), and low in fat: Toss in cooked shrimp, chicken or even a can of red kidney beans (drained) for a 10-minute meal.

Pub Date: 4/16/97

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