Feaga calls for execution of drug dealers Republican suggests lobbying to toughen laws

April 15, 1997|By Craig Timberg | Craig Timberg,Sun Staff

Howard County Councilman Charles C. Feaga, a West Friendship Republican known for his candor, suggested yesterday that executing major drug dealers is the only way to control drug use and its related crime and violence.

His comments came during a County Council discussion of the Community Justice Program by State's Attorney Marna McLendon. The program gives priority to prosecuting crimes directly affecting communities. Prosecutors also have community meetings to discuss crime.

Assistant State's Attorney Sang Oh told the council that, in meetings, Columbia middle schoolers said that drug and alcohol use was fairly common and widely accepted by many students. "I personally was shocked at the things I was hearing," he said.

Feaga responded that government programs and education alone would not solve the problem.

"You've got to stop the point of access," Feaga said. "I'm talking about executing the peddler on the street."

No other council member responded directly to his suggestion.

After the meeting, Feaga said convicted drug dealers who made $50,000 or more from their drug sales should face capital punishment.

"When you hear someone who has peddled $50,000 or more of drugs, they're big time," he said. "People are making a regular living of this. That's disgraceful."

A moment later he added: "Unless we execute these people, they're going to be right back on the streets."

Sentencing for serious crimes is a state and federal matter. The County Council has no power over it, but Feaga suggested lobbying state delegates and members of Congress to push for more capital punishment for drug crimes.

Federal law allows capital punishment only for the most serious drug crimes.

Pub Date: 4/15/97

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