False concern for fansOpening day has been postponed, as...


April 13, 1997

False concern for fans

Opening day has been postponed, as stated by an Orioles spokesman, " out of concern for the comfort of the fans " Please don't insult my intelligence. More than likely, the PPA (Pampered Players Association) decided after being in sunny Florida for a month or so, it may be just a little too nippy for baseball in Charm City. Perhaps all the VIPs involved in the opening ceremonies didn't want to get a draft. But don't lay it at the feet of the fans this time. I'm sure a capacity crowd would have been there to cheer on all the boys of summer. If concern for the fans were truly an issue, no strike would have occurred, an afternoon at Camden Yards wouldn't cost about $100, and Jon Miller would still be the voice of the Orioles.

Rich Brady


Here's to Bordick

What a pleasure it is to watch Mike Bordick play shortstop. He is the first really good shortstop the Orioles have had since Mark Belanger. I am not a Cal Ripken basher, but let's face it, he is a third baseman. Ripken made all the routine plays and was consistent, but Bordick will make the plays up the middle and in the hole that Ripken could only wave his glove at. The left side of the infield will be fun to watch this year with Ripken and Bordick.

Jim Vasold

Westminster The new football stadium is taking shape and before you know it the name game will be upon us. I, for one, am grateful that Art Modell has brought us a football team and from what I read, is a decent and upstanding member of our community. As a veteran of the U.S. Navy and son-in-law of a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient who was among the first season-ticket holders to bring the Colts here, I implore Modell to do the right thing and keep the name Memorial Stadium as a symbol to all our veterans who have made our country great.

Melvin A. Mazer


Parking hassle

My family has held an Orioles 13-game season ticket plan since 1989. I feel that we are being cheated with the way that parking is being run this year. When we got our tickets in January, the parking was still on lots B, C and E. But now, because of the new football stadium, Orioles officials want to change our parking to across the street and make a bigger hassle before and after games. The full-season and 29-game ticket holders don't even go to all their games; they often sell them for more money. Why not let the real fans who pay for what they want park where they were meant to?

Ryan C. Cox


Ripken contract last straw

Cal Ripken's recent contract extension caused the Orioles to lose yet another devoted fan. Yes, this man is perhaps one of the best shortstops in history. Yes, this man is a hometown hero. Yes, it is admirable that this man and his family support numerous charities in the area. Yet does all this mean that the city, its ballclub, and its fans need to be held for ransom? The contract is apparently for $18 million-plus. If Ripken is such a great person, ballplayer, human being, then why does he require a salary like that? How much money can one person, playing a child's game, expect to spend in a lifetime? The only thing I know for sure is that the Orioles have lost yet another fan. I will never pay to see the game again.

Kevin Spangler

Annapolis John Eisenberg's chafing remarks in The Sun on April 7 regarding the infamous spitting incident is another feeble attempt at stirring up fan animosity toward Roberto Alomar. There seems to be more media-reflected criticism of Alomar than there is about Dennis Rodman kicking an unsuspecting photographer in the groin. Why? Maybe because Rodman needs the negative publicity to help further his acting career.

I'm not defending Alomar's scurrilous behavior. I'm just inferring that the emphasis on Alomar's spitting incident is motivated by the fact that his behavior was so out of character for him. With Rodman we breathe a sigh of relief that he didn't kick the photographer in his face. It's a given that Rodman will probably strike again in some as yet unheard of fashion. However, if I were a betting man, I'd bet a large sum of money against the probability of Alomar ever bringing shame upon the sport of baseball again.

Brian L. Owen


Mean-spirited column

I am amazed the sports editor of The Sun would allow an insensitive, mean-spirited, racist column like that of John Eisenberg's to be printed on April 7 regarding the Roberto Alomar incident. I have been reading The Sun for 45 years and have yet to see a meaner article than that one. I wonder what Eisenberg would have done if someone directed at him the language that Alomar was subjected to. Eisenberg has fanned the flames of contention to new heights with his ill-advised column.

Ralph Nupp


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Pub Date: 4/13/97

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