Aaron Kramer, 75, a prolific poet and translator of...


April 13, 1997

Aaron Kramer, 75, a prolific poet and translator of Yiddish and German works, died Monday at his home on Long Island. He wrote several books, and edited "A Century of Yiddish Poetry," which featured his translations of the work of 135 Yiddish poets.

Martin Schwarzschild, 84, an astronomer who used balloon flights to get sharper, more accurate pictures of the sun, died Thursday in Langhorne, Pa. He was an astronomy professor at Princeton University when he created Project Stratoscope, which used balloons to carry telescopes into the upper reaches of the ** atmosphere.

Herbert Singer, 94, a stockbroker who owned one of the largest over-the-counter brokerage firms of the 1960s, died Wednesday at his home in Manhattan. Mr. Singer, the son of Hungarian immigrants, became one of Wall Street's shrewdest investors and advisers. Convinced that investors could prosper from small stocks, he was a co-founder of Singer, Bean & Mackie in 1961. The firm eventually helped form the Nasdaq market.

Pub Date: 4/13/97

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