Here is how members of Maryland's delegation on Capitol...

Votes in Congress

April 13, 1997|By Roll Call Report Syndicate

Here is how members of Maryland's delegation on Capitol Hill were recorded on important roll-call votes last week:

Y: Yes N: No X: Not voting

House: Suicide

Voting 398 for and 16 against, the House passed a bill (HR 1003) banning the use of federal funds for assisted suicides such as those administered by Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Such funding already is prohibited. But the bill anticipates that the U.S. Supreme Court soon may rule that doctor-assisted suicide is a constitutional right. It bans funding through programs such as Medicare and Medicaid for death by euthanasia and Kevorkian-style suicides.

A yes vote was to pass the bill.

Y N X Member

Y * * Ehrlich, Robert L., R-2nd

Y * * Hoyer, Steny H. D-5th

Y * * Bartlett, Roscoe G., R-6th

Y * * Wynn, Albert R., D-4th

Y * * Cardin, Benjamin L., D-3rd

Y * * Cummings, Elijah E., D-7th

Y * * Gilchrest, Wayne T., R-1st

Y * * Morella, Constance A., R-8th

Senate: Nuclear Waste

Voting 72 for and 24 against, senators advanced a bill designating a Department of Energy facility at Yucca Mountain, Nev., to receive the nation's commercial nuclear waste. The vote killed an amendment giving governors power to block radioactive shipments through their state toward the site 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The bill (S 104) remained in debate.

A yes vote opposed empowering governors to veto nuclear waste shipments through their state.

Y N X Member

* N * Mikulski, Barbara A., D

* N * Sarbanes, Paul S., D

Pub Date: 4/13/97

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