Motivated by SteadmanI thoroughly enjoyed John Steadman's...


April 06, 1997

Motivated by Steadman

I thoroughly enjoyed John Steadman's March 9 column, "3 teens took to field of dreams; 2 defied odds in reaching glory." In his column, I was able to relate to how easy it can be to succeed if you want it badly enough.

He explained how Nelson Fox didn't let the critics put him down and slowly but surely reached his goal. This past weekend, I won the Maryland state wrestling championship, which I worked hard for. Leading up to this event, I never received as much attention as previous state champions, but realized it would come with victory.

Fox figured out that the more he accomplished, the more attention he would receive. Stories like this let other athletes realize that goals can be accomplished and to keep striving for the best.

Jimmy O'Connor

Woodbine I am annoyed at how Milton Kent can say that the Atlantic Coast Conference was, "without a doubt," the best conference in the NCAA, when the Big Ten had the same amount of teams in the tournament, and Michigan didn't get in.

The ACC proved it was a weak league when N.C. State, the

eighth seed, romped through the conference tournament, all the way to the finals.

All the top teams in the ACC have proved streaky, whereas the Big Ten was competitive in and out of the conference. I don't think that the ACC is the best conference "without a doubt."

Eric Krause


...ACC is overrated

We've been hearing all year that the ACC is far and away the top basketball conference in the nation. Last year it was one of the top conferences, according to the Ratings Percentage Index, yet sent no teams to the Final Four.

This year it was tops in the RPI. Even though Duke lost to Michigan and UCLA. Even though Maryland had its softest nonconference schedule in years and lost to Massachusetts and Georgia. The ACC's reward was six teams in the tourney. Four of them lost in the first two rounds.

In the past two years, no ACC team has beaten a team seeded ahead of it in the NCAAs. Maybe the formula used to calculate the RPI needs to be updated to allow for some other deserving teams to make the NCAAs.

Glenn McGeoch


Nickels isn't worth dime

I will refer to the Ken Rosenthal column on Feb. 23 -- The scouting department of the Orioles is not producing major-league players. I played minor-league baseball for 12 years and I love the game. I spend most of my time watching minor-league games in Frederick, Hagerstown and Bowie.

Scouting director Gary Nickels has to face up to his poor drafting like a man. This is Mr. Nickels' first crack as a scouting director and if it is anything compared to his trail as a scout, the Orioles are in deep trouble.

He was fired by the Phillies, fired by the Cubs, and never drafted anyone as a scout with any significance. Now, all of a sudden, Peter Angelos gives him a guaranteed four-year contract and allows him to be an absentee scouting director by living in Chicago.

I see the results of the drafts at the minor-league parks, and now Baseball America has ranked the Orioles' farm system in 28th place. That is last place in my figuring.

Dear Peter Angelos: Please find a scouting director who will live in Maryland and not be an absentee director. They never work out.

Joel Frantz

Gettysburg, Pa.

'Skins game ticket idea

An open letter to Art Modell:

I, on behalf of all season-ticket holders, can't stand the Redskins and have a small request. This season, when the Ravens play at the Redskins' new Maryland stadium, please find a way to fill as many seats as possible with Ravens fans.

Since the Redskins sell only season tickets, unlike the fan-friendly Ravens, it will be practically impossible to get tickets. So, if by chance the Ravens have a few leftover tickets, raffle them off to season-ticket holders or give them a chance to buy them. This will give us the opportunity to show Jack Kent Cooke, Washington and all the NFL that football is back in Baltimore to stay!

David Adams


Support Bandits' last stand

Although it may be too late to keep the team from leaving town, I hope Baltimore area sports fans will rally around our local Bandits hockey club during their final homestand (March 30-April 11) at the Baltimore Arena.

The Bandits have made a truly dramatic comeback over the last month and stand poised to make the AHL playoffs with lots of momentum behind them.

It's doubtful we'll ever get another AHL franchise if we lose the Bandits, so it's doubly important for the future of all winter sports in Baltimore, and hockey in particular, for fans to tangibly support them.

Dick Fairbanks

Baltimore Rotten Easter eggs

If Peter Angelos and the Orioles delayed the Opening Day game until April 2 "for the fans," why did they charge full ticket prices for the exhibition game on Easter Sunday? 9,950 rotten eggs.

Samuel L. Gaugler


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Pub Date: 4/06/97

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