25 years ago Kids all over town are getting baseball...


April 06, 1997|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 years ago Kids all over town are getting baseball fever. Temperatures are running high. The kids need help -- coaches, managers, trainers, assistants. Taneytown has a long history of baseball players, teams, fans. There are "old-timers" and avid baseball fans of all ages around town, many with the playing skills and game knowledge that needs to be shared with the youngsters. Think back to the time when you had the help of the "older fellas" to guide you in learning the ins and outs of the game. -- The Carroll Record, April 13, 1972.

50 years ago A remark was made by one of our rural citizens, "Do our county commissioners' ears burn? My tax bill is double what it was in 1946." Of course, any kind of tax is hard to pay. Every taxpayer in Carroll County under the present set-up will pay from 40 to 100 percent more until something is done to relieve the burden. -- Democratic Advocate, April 4, 1947.

75 years ago Our fathers did not have recreational centers. Why should we have them now? Our fathers did not have telephones, automobiles, electric lights, rural free delivery of mails and many other conveniences which we now enjoy. Shall we dispense with them because they were unknown to the previous generation? We cannot do business as our fathers did. Can we take our recreation as they did? -- Democratic Advocate, April 7, 1922.

100 years ago While Andrew J. Tawney was moving from Tannery to the farm of Robert Hoope, two miles above Westminster, on Monday, an accident occurred to one of the wagons. When near the toll gate, above town, a bolt came out, letting the wagon body fall and causing the horses to run. Several persons were thrown off by the fall, and Belle Nygren, aged 12 years, had her right arm broken. She was brought to Westminster, and Dr. E. D. Wells set the arm. On the wagon beside Belle Nygren were three of Mr. Tawney's children and Mrs. Nygren. All were more or less bruised and scratched. -- Democratic Advocate, April 3, 1897.

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