Henriette Wyeth, 89, daughter of American master N. C...


April 04, 1997

Henriette Wyeth, 89, daughter of American master N. C. Wyeth and a world-renowned painter in her own right, died yesterday of complications from pneumonia in Roswell, N.M. As the eldest of five Wyeth children, she was a child prodigy, gaining fame for her portraiture when younger brother Andrew was just beginning to draw.

Ms. Wyeth moved to New Mexico in 1929 with her husband, artist Peter Hurd, and raised an artistic family -- all the while keeping up with her painting, including portraits of actresses Helen Hayes and Paulette Goddard.

The couple had three children, Peter Jr., Michael and Carol Rogers, the latter two became artists. Her husband died in 1984.

Pub Date: 4/04/97

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