O's don't need RipkenCal Ripken is just another egomaniac...


March 30, 1997

O's don't need Ripken

Cal Ripken is just another egomaniac. The Orioles should let him go and spend the money saved on new talent. Last season, "Mr. Ego" hit into more double plays than any other player in the majors (28).

H. Gordon Weitzel


Likes NASCAR coverage

Just a note to thank you for the fine coverage you gave NASCAR. I really don't believe the state of Maryland realizes what a popular sport auto racing is. We certainly hope there is a track in Maryland one day. We travel from Pocono to Darlington to see this exciting sport.

Bill Heaton


O's and attendance

In his letter of March 9, Ralph Vinovich of Cheverly stated the following: "I don't recall that Memorial Stadium was filled with loyal Orioles fans in those lean years before they moved to Camden Yards " Please allow me to refresh his obviously deficient memory. In the three disappointing season of 1985, 1986 and 1987, the Orioles drew a yearly average of more than 1.8 million fans -- a figure never approached in the long history of the Washington Senators. Also, in 1988, the Orioles set an all-time major-league attendance record for a last-place team.

Still, Vinovich somehow finds the nerve to dismiss Baltimoreans as "fair-weather fans." This is a tactic frequently employed by envious, bitter Washingtonians. When confronted with the truly dismal attendance history of the Senators, they typically reply that the Senators were a losing team unworthy of their support. Sheer, utter hypocrisy.

Don Brizendine


Don't knock Stokes

Over the past few years, I've been disappointed to see Ken Rosenthal adopt an attacking, negative tone in his column. But his recent swipe at Maryland point guard Terrell Stokes was too much. In trying to imitate his New York brethren, Rosenthal has made some pretty daft comments, but his pining for the return of Duane Simpkins was ridiculous. Sure, Stokes struggled as the Terps slumped over the last month of the season, but the guts and leadership he provided all winter long were exactly what the team lacked under Simpkins last season.

Stokes is a winner. Simpkins was a better shooter who failed to provide leadership and often had trouble finding a place to park his car. Rosenthal should consider returning to the thoughtful style that made him one of The Sun's better columnists a few years ago.

Matt McLaughlin


Umps can be replaced

In regard to John Eisenberg's March 5 column on baseball umpires, they should be thankful for having their job. We do not need the ball-and-strike umps. I am a great believer that you can do anything electronically, and I am sure something can be made that would flash balls and strikes.

Richard A. Redtman Sr.


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Pub Date: 3/30/97

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