150 years ago in The SunMarch 30: The Emperor of Russia...

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March 30, 1997|By Fred Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun

March 30: The Emperor of Russia has ordered that no person shall establish any telegraph in his dominions without his permission.

April 3: A salute of one hundred guns will be fired on Monday, by order of Gen. Smith, in honor of the glorious victory at Buena Vista, achieved by the American arms under Major Gen. Zachary Taylor, on the 22nd and 23rd of February last, over the Mexican forces, commanded by Gen. Santa Anna.

April 5: Ellicott's Mills -- Our citizens are on the qui vive for the amusements that are to come off here shortly. Van Amburgh's menagerie opens here, for a few hours, to-day, and many are waiting with breathless anxiety to "see the elephant."

100 years ago in The Sun

March 30: The old Herring Run Hotel, which for over forty years has stood on the Philadelphia Road, east of the bridge crossing Herring Run and at the entrance to Herring Run race course, burned to the ground yesterday morning.

April 1: Vigorous preparations are being made throughout the British empire for the celebration of June 20 as a day of thanksgiving, that day being the sixtieth anniversary of the accession of Queen Victoria to the British throne.

April 2: Officials of the City Passenger Railway are much elated over the decision of the Court of Appeals, by which the right of the company has been legally established to erect trolley poles on Charles Street in changing the Blue line from a cable to an electric road.

50 years ago in The Sun

April 2: President Truman was presented yesterday with some terrapin a la Maryland by former Senator George L. Radcliffe. The President was warned "not to let your chef tinker with this terrapin. It is all right as it is; all it needs is to be heated."

April 4: Tommy Thomas announces that Howie Moss, the famed howitzer, has been returned to the Orioles by the Cleveland Indians and will report for duty Monday in Baltimore.

April 5: At 5: 45 a.m. tomorrow the eighteenth annual Easter sunrise services will begin in the Baltimore Stadium

Pub date: 3/30/97

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