Eastport Elementary students exercise minds at tournament


March 24, 1997|By Lyn Backe | Lyn Backe,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

WHEN THE archaeologists of the 31st century work their way down past R2D2 and C3PO, they may be impressed, but when they arrive at the substratum that was Eastport in 1997, they could be truly amazed, perhaps finding the remains of a robot built at Eastport Elementary School in March of that year.

The android is the work of third-grader Morgan Dowd and fifth-graders Jeremy Browning and Katie Lewellyn, who are among eight Eastport Elementary students who participated in the recent Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament at Southern High School. Father Vincent Dowd helped on the Android Project, too.

Five other children worked with parent Sandra Dudley on a project called "Can You Dig It?" to explore archaeology, past and present. The time scientists were fifth-graders Emre Koseoglu and Erin Dowd, and fourth-graders Lief Whitman, Brent McMillan and David Bruce.

Eastport Elementary Principal James Seamon said that while Dudley and Dowd helped the children during many after-school and evening hours, "The children do all the work," planning, implementing and presenting their projects.

Think First Night

The best part of 1997 is roughhousing in the wings, waiting for the sensory breakout of blossoms, sun-warmed earth and the snap of white sails on a crystal-clear day. Yet here in the glory of spring, organizers of First Night Annapolis 1997 are putting out the call for entertainers for Dec. 31. More than 20,000 people of all ages will spill through the streets and buildings of our historic town in a nonalcoholic celebration of the arts, the year ending, and the future.

All kinds of performers are welcome to submit proposals; the application lists 21 categories from bluegrass to classical to street theater to visual arts, with a nice long line for No. 22: "Other." Applications must be accompanied by a cassette, video or compact disc, which will be evaluated by a regional panel of professionals in the various arts. They will consider artistic merit, feasibility, uniqueness and suitability for available sites, which are historic houses, banks and store windows around town. Oh, and any outdoor project must be weatherproof.

Proposals are due May 31. For more information, call First Night Annapolis at 410-268-8553 or check out their Web site at http: //www.fstngt.org.

Fun Fair volunteers sought

If New Year's Eve is too far off to contemplate, but you need some anticipation in your life, consider Fun Fair 1997, scheduled for May 16 at Central Elementary School in Edgewater. Volunteers are needed to manage and work booths, set up and clean up.

The next volunteer meeting will be at 7 p.m. April 7 in the Central Elementary teacher's lounge. Booth managers must be there, and other volunteers are welcome to attend. Individuals and businesses that can make donations to the fair are asked to call Jennifer Forman at 410-956-2769 or Tracy Wampler at 410-956-9076. This is a great way to build memories with your children or grandchildren.

Another deadline

Writing the above telephone numbers, I'm reminded of yet another May event, which is not going to be nearly as much fun as the Fair. May 1 is the day we have to start dialing 410 to call our best friend next door or the pharmacist up the street.

It's the price, I understand, for the electronic technology that is changing our lives.

I do like that technology for one good reason, though: It lets you e-mail me information on your groups and activities. The address is lynbackol.com or call me at 626-0273. Don't forget to add a 410 first.

Pub Date: 3/24/97

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