People want a ban on partial-birth abortion

March 19, 1997

Regarding your March 2 editorial ''Abortion again,'' you just don't get it; it's not ''again,'' it's ''still.''

While your publication tends to downplay any activity on the pro-life side, there has been a rather substantial march in Washington for 24 years protesting Roe v. Wade.

You continue to promote the big lie of abortion, the health of the mother exception. You describe it as legislators having ''. . . placed responsible restrictions on late-term procedures.''

In practice, this ''health exception'' produces carte blanche clearance for abortionists to perform any and all third-trimester abortions.

Your editorial lends heavy credence to the ''will of the people'' as expressed in a state referendum not long ago. Why then do you ignore the fact that over 70 percent of those polled find partial-birth abortion abominable and think that it should be banned? You say ''the attorney general's office [finds] that the ban of partial-birth abortions would interfere with rights that the 1992 law currently protects . . .'' So what? We make laws all the time that modify or trump previous laws.

On your last point, we are nearly in agreement. ''Legislators should respect those decisions by voters . . .'' But in doing so they should enact state legislation to ban partial-birth abortions, not defeat it.

Jim Althoff


Pub Date: 3/19/97


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