Block Watch to meet under new leadership


March 19, 1997|By Bonita Formwalt | Bonita Formwalt,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

"I THINK THIS is wrong. You don't look anything like the woman on television," my friend said as she worked to disengage my hair from the grasp of my new Abs-Away home exercise equipment.

Straining to peer over my left elbow, I watched as the woman in the video "crunched her way to a firmer figure in just minutes a day."

"She doesn't seem to be sweating quite as much," my friend observed. "Actually, she isn't sweating at all. Also, I couldn't help but notice she doesn't need a 40-pound bag of Purina Puppy Chow weighing down her feet to achieve the necessary leverage to complete her sit-ups."

And, of course, that whole hair-caught-in-the-equipment issue, I added silently.

"Perhaps you should start off with something less strenuous -- like parking your car at Wendy's instead of using the drive-through window," she suggested as she searched for scissors.

"Or try one of those step benches. They have no moving parts to ensnare your somewhat limited supply of hair," she continued, snipping away.

Later that evening I caught my husband staring at me.

"Something's different," he said.

Pleased, I made a mental note to double my exercise regime to a full three minutes.

"You cut your hair."

No pain, no gain, Glen Burnie.

Block Watch meeting

After several months of re-evaluation and changes, the board of directors of the Glen Burnie Block Watch of Glen Gardens has scheduled the first community meeting under the new leadership for 7 p.m. Monday at Glen Lutheran Church, 107 Carroll Road.

President and director Mark Goodfellow will chair the meeting, which introduces the new board to the membership.

Additional board members are Sheree Srock, director and co-secretary; Sheree Fox, director, vice president and acting treasurer; and Stephen Srock, director and co-secretary.

"Our primary goal is to get the community more involved than it is right now. We want to try and make this a safer place to live," said Goodfellow, a resident of Glen Gardens since 1992.

While praising the efforts of the previous board, Goodfellow is eager to bring new ideas to the association. One of his first challenges is the newsletter. Several new features have been added to the monthly publication, including a volunteer spotlight and a medical information column written by his wife, Carol Goodfellow.

A registered nurse with a bachelor's degree in nursing, Carol Goodfellow is a nurse coordinator at the University of Maryland Medical Center. A public service, the column is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor but instead to offer general information on health and medical issues of concern to the community.

The March article provides information to help distinguish between a cold, flu, pneumonia and allergies. Future columns will address questions submitted by readers.

For membership or general information call Mark Goodfellow, 410-863-7210.

Pub Date: 3/19/97

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