Former Glenelg students may be able to return River Hill enrollment exceeds expectations

redistricting discussed

March 19, 1997|By Dan Morse | Dan Morse,SUN STAFF

Students at River Hill High School who were forced to transfer from Glenelg High School in the fall might get a chance to return there for the 1997-1998 school year, according to a proposal discussed last night during a work session of the Howard County school board.

The board also continued to struggle with setting boundary lines for the new elementary school in Ellicott City -- adding two more proposals to the already controversial debate.

River Hill students might be permitted to return to Glenelg because River Hill's enrollment this year exceeded expectations, said school board member Stephen Bounds. The students would be allowed back through the process known as open enrollment, which allows students to attend a school outside their neighborhood if the school is not overcrowded and students provide their transportation.

River Hill students who were redistricted in the fall were prohibited from going back to Glenelg because the board wanted to be sure enough students would attend River Hill during its first year.

The board typically decides which schools will have open enrollment in April after the annual redistricting decisions.

As last night's work session showed, those decisions are still up in the air.

The two new proposals for Hollifield Station Elementary School in Ellicott City are designed to more evenly spread enrollment and race populations among the new school, Waverly Elementary School and St. John's Lane Elementary School.

Board members also have discussed two prior proposals. They gave no clear indication which option they will chose when they vote Tuesday.

"We still have another week of deliberations," said board chairwoman Sandra French. "We have to listen to all points of view."

All told, redistricting proposals call for more than 1,400 elementary and middle school students to change schools this fall. The boundary line changes are required largely to accommodate the opening of three schools in the fall -- Hollifield Station, Fulton Elementary in Fulton and Murray Hill Middle in North Laurel.

The board last night discussed a proposal that would allow students from the MacGill's Common neighborhood to attend Hammond Middle School and also allow students from the High Ridge neighborhood in North Laurel to attend Murray Hill.

Parents from those neighborhoods have been lobbying the board for the boundary lines to be set that way.

Pub Date: 3/19/97

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