A paradise by any name but this one

March 19, 1997

Rocky Gorge. Sounds like a name for a pro wrestler from the '50s, or maybe that fifth starter the Orioles need so badly.

Rocky Gorge, though, is the name some good citizens want as a replacement for the suburban Maryland community now known as Scaggsville -- too "hickish," too much like "the boonies" to some. A name change, apparently, would fix all that.

Following that logic, the Today staff wondered if there weren't other candidates for a name change among our state's many colorfully christened burgs. Surely there are other places where a moniker overhaul is in order, or at least might be considered.

Funkstown? Finksburg? Flintstone? What about Boring? Wouldn't it be better as Dynamic, or at least Lethargic? Madonna is old news; why not update it to Courtney (as in Love)? Clinton and Le Gore could do name-change fund-raising; big contributors could sleep over at the mayor's house. How about a cool symbol for The County Formerly Known as Prince George's?

So call Sundial at 410-783-1800 and enter the code 6180 with your recommendations for Maryland names that could use a change. Or defend those you love. Any town, region or neighborhood is fair game, from Boxiron to Baltimore. We'll list the best.

Pub Date: 3/19/97

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