25 years agoThe new community fallout shelter plan for...


March 16, 1997|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 years ago

The new community fallout shelter plan for Carroll County is included in this newspaper. According to the commissioners, "The information developed in the plan could save the lives of thousands of persons in the event of attack." The plans tells how to improvise a shelter at home as well as listing public shelters in the county and giving practical information on subjects such as provision of supplies and waste disposal. -- The Carroll Record, March 16, 1972.

75 years ago

On Monday night, State's Attorney Brown, assisted by prohibition officers Flinchcum and Berman, and Officer Weigle, made a raid on the premises of Aquilla J. Stottlemyer, on the property of Percy Shriver, and found two stills, a five-gallon and 10-gallon, and five gallons of grain mash. -- Democratic Advocate, March 17, 1922.

100 years ago

Harry Zimmerman, son of George H. Zimmerman, near Snydersburg, on Monday shot and wounded a large gray eagle. He caught the eagle, and found it was not seriously hurt. It measured 7 feet, 3 inches across the wings and 3 feet from beak to end of the tail. It weighed nearly 12 pounds. A few weeks previous, the young man shot a bald-headed eagle that measured 6 feet, 3 inches across the wings. -- Democratic Advocate, March 20, 1897.

Pub Date: 3/16/97

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