Youth charged in 2 strong-arm robberies Woman, pizza deliverer assaulted on street

March 16, 1997|By TaNoah Morgan | TaNoah Morgan,SUN STAFF

A 17-year-old youth arrested after a brief chase through Pioneer City has been charged as a juvenile with robbing an Odenton woman and a Pizza delivery man within an hour of each other.

County Officer Patrick Ronaghan reported that he was on Pioneer Drive about 9: 30 p.m. Thursday when he saw a white Oldsmobile speeding out of Arwell Court. The driver saw the officer, pulled over and motioned for help, police said.

Yevette E. Kiser, 23, of Odenton told Ronaghan she was getting out of her car in the 1800 block of Arwell Court when a young man approached, struck her in the face, snatched her wallet from her hand and fled.

About 40 minutes later and two blocks away, Yagoub I. Yagoub, 39, was robbed while delivering a pizza to a home in the 8200 block of Clearwater Court in Pioneer City.

Yagoub told police he gave two pizzas to a man standing outside the house, and was waiting for payment when he saw a youth running toward him from behind. The youth punched Yagoub in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground.

The man and the youth went through Yagoub's pockets and stole an undisclosed amount of money, police said.

Yagoub, a driver for Dino's Pizza on Annapolis Road, gave police a detailed description of the youth -- one that matched the description given by Kiser of the youth who robbed her.

Officers Robert Vane and Thomas Kohlmann went to Pioneer City looking for the youth, and saw a young man who matched the description walking on Pioneer Drive near Longleaf Court. When officers pulled over to talk to the youth, he ran, prompting a chase through the neighborhood behind houses and in alleys before he was caught.

Both Yagoub and Kiser later identified the youth, a resident of Pioneer Drive who was charged as a juvenile with two counts of strong-arm robbery.

Pub Date: 3/16/97

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