150 years ago in The Sun March 18: IMPRISONMENT FOR DEBT...

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March 16, 1997|By Fred Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun March 18: IMPRISONMENT FOR DEBT -- We have received the following copy of the bill passed by the Legislature abolishing the arrest and imprisonment of non-resident debtors by non-resident creditors. It will be seen that it is now in force, but whether it applies to those already in prison on such suits, will be a subject for the lawyers.

March 22: FOUNDLING -- On Saturday night, a newly born white infant child was found deposited on the steps of a gentleman in North Howard Street.

100 years ago in The Sun

March 16: Mr. Edwin Walters of Baltimore, and Mr. Levin E. Ballard, of Mount Washington, were thrown from their carriage and injured yesterday afternoon while driving on Green Spring Avenue.

March 17: Fort McHenry's gates will again be thrown open to the public and the frowning guns, ramparts and grassy breast-works of "Baltimore's Gibraltar," may be viewed without objection by any one wishing to visit the historic old place.

50 years ago in The Sun

March 18: Couples, young and old, wearing bits of green, danced Irish jigs and sentimental waltzes as the Ancient Order of Hibernians and its Ladies Auxiliary celebrated St. Patrick's Day at the Alcazar last night in a gay "Erin Go Bragh" mood.

March 21: Annapolis, March 20 (AP) -- State medical leaders appeared at a Senate Finance Committee hearing today to urge passage of a $3,000,000 bond issue for the construction of a tuberculosis sanitarium for Negroes.

Pub date: 3/16/97

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