Ashurst gets contract to make light titanium

Maryland Watch

March 15, 1997

Ashurst Technology Ltd. has received a two-year, $142,000 contract from a Connecticut company to develop a lightweight titanium that could be used in the aerospace industry.

Baltimore-based Ashurst said yesterday that the contract with United Technologies Research Center is part of a government research grant.

"We are taking titanium and its alloys and intentionally making it look like a sponge while getting it to maintain strength," said Timothy Langan, technical director of Ashurst Government Services Inc., a subsidiary of Ashurst.

While the porous material is not as strong as it was, it is lightweight and has sound-damping properties that may have the potential to be useful in the aerospace industry. United Technologies will look at other uses for the material as well, including applications for the automotive and marine industries.

The program is funded by the Defense Advanced Research Program Agency and administered by the Office of Naval Research. Ashurst has been selected as a subcontractor and hopes that its work for United will lead to more government contract work, officials said.

Pub Date: 3/15/97

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