Medicaid recipients give HMOs good marks

Maryland Watch

March 13, 1997

Baltimore Medicaid recipients who are enrolled in HMOs are generally satisfied with their care, according to a survey by CareData, a New York-based research company.

Anthony Morgan, vice president of research for CareData, said the firm did the survey in hopes of selling reports to HMOs trying to refine their marketing. CareData provided questionnaires to 602 randomly selected HMO members who were re-registering for Medicaid.

Of those surveyed, 29 percent reported they were extremely satisfied, while 60 percent were somewhat satisfied to very satisfied. Of those previously covered by fee-for-service Medicaid, 70 percent rated the HMOs better and 16 percent rated them the same, with 14 percent saying they preferred the old system. Beginning in June, Maryland will require most Medicaid recipients to enroll in HMOs or similar managed care plans.

More than 80 percent of those surveyed said the HMOs had encouraged them to get preventive care, such as Pap smears and childhood vaccines. About a third, however, said they had not been encouraged to get mammograms or cholesterol testing.

Pub Date: 3/13/97

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