Dr. Pierre Galletti,69, a founder of the Brown University...

Deaths Elsewhere

March 11, 1997

Dr. Pierre Galletti,69, a founder of the Brown University School of Medicine, died Saturday from injuries suffered in a fall in Providence, R.I. The Swiss-born physician spent much of his career searching for synthetic substitutes for organs and tissues.

Jack Jett,81, a writer who described how he survived three heart attacks in one day in his manuscript "The Fourth Time I Die," died of a heart attack March 4 in Seattle. He suffered three heart attacks Jan. 13, 1978, and then wrote about how they affected his life.

Carlos Palenque,53, a millionaire presidential candidate who used his populist television and radio station to garner support among the poor, died Saturday of a heart attack in La Paz, Bolivia.

Nenad Dusan Popovic,87, a leading economic official in Communist Yugoslavia before defecting to the United States in 1961 to teach at Syracuse University, died of bone cancer Feb. 25 in New York.

Edward Mills Purcell,84, a Nobel laureate whose discovery of nuclear magnetic resonance in 1945 yielded maps of distant galaxies and detailed medical images of the human body, died Friday in Cambridge, Mass.

Pub Date: 3/11/97

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