J. Carson Mark,83, who headed the theoretical division at...


March 10, 1997

J. Carson Mark,83, who headed the theoretical division at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory when the hydrogen bomb was developed, died March 2 in Los Alamos, N.M., after a fall.

All inventions during the Manhattan Project to build an atomic bomb at Los Alamos were channeled through Mr. Mark, who brought hydrogen bomb plans by feuding physicists Stanislaw Ulam and Dr. Edward Teller together.

Ruth Clark,80, a pollster whose landmark newspaper study encouraged editors to give readers news they could use, died of lung cancer Feb. 20 in New York. Her 1979 study, "Changing Needs of Changing Readers," suggested that newspapers should cover family issues and other areas that came to be called "soft news" to keep circulation from declining.

The Rev. Roger Griese,80, a Roman Catholic priest who refused Communion to a man wearing shorts and was removed from his parish for enforcing a dress code, died Tuesday after suffering an apparent heart attack in Dayton, Ohio.

Pub Date: 3/10/97

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